Who sits on this work group?

    Members of the group are expected to read ahead all documentation necessary to come to meetings prepared to provide their insight.  Members must participate in ALL meetings and be prepared to speak from their area of expertise to content sent in preparation for the discussion. All meetings will be recorded and made available online.

    • Erik Coate, Helena City Attorney’s Office
    • Thomas Jodoin, Helena City Attorney’s Office
    • Tracie Dahl, School Mental Health Services-Intermountain
    • Mariah Mercer, Student (CHS)
    • Cade Duran, Student (HHS)
    • Kate Peterson, School District Employee (HHS educator)
    • Walt Chancy, School District Employee (CHS administrator)
    • Dennison Rivera, Citizen
    • Emily Dean, Helena City Commission
    • Heather O’Loughlin, Helena City Commission
    • Darin Gaub, Citizen
    • Jadin VanSteenvort, Mobile Crisis Response Team
    • Kristie Stephenson, Mobile Crisis Response Team
    • Gianluca Pisciarelli, Mobile Crisis Response Team
    • Courtney Smith, Social Justice-The Montana Racial Equity Project
    • Judith Heilman, Social Justice-The Montana Racial Equity Project
    • Ben Tintinger, Parent
    • Leah Lindgren, Court Services (Juvenile Probation)
    • Roy Tenniehill, Previous SRO
    • Akilah Lane, Social Justice-ACLU
    • Jenna Eisenhart, School Mental Health Services-Shodair
    • Brett Petty, Helena Police Department-Administration
    • Brandon Wootan, Helena Police Protective Association
    • Kellie McBride, Criminal Justice Services
    • Susan Smith, Citizen
    • Samantha Vulles, Helena Indian Alliance Youth Coordinator
    • Ryann Christman, Citizen

    How were work group members chosen?

    The sitting members of the group represent a wide variety of interests and expertise particular to the six focus areas. Members must participate in ALL meetings and be prepared to speak from their area of expertise. 

    The public may provide comment at these meetings.